MATCEI's mission is to support and assist its members committed to providing quality educational experiences for all students struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges.

The Michigan Association of Teachers of Children with Emotional Impairments (MATCEI) is the oldest and one of the largest special education organizations for professionals providing school services to students with emotional impairments in the United States. A history of leadership in teacher training and the development of programs has earned MATCEI considerable respect. MATCEI constitutes a unique blend of professionals concerned about the training and delivery of special education services for students with emotional impairments.

The Association exists to pursue the following purposes: To support the development on quality education for students with emotional impairments. To advance the standards of teacher training. To provide support for teachers. To provide support for those professionals who work in related fields, i.e. social work, psychology, behavioral specialists, administrators.

Organization: MATCEI is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of: President, President Elect, Past President, Eight (8) Represntatives. In addition to these voting members, there are several other non-voting, ex-officio members approved by the Board. The work of the organization is completed by MATCEI members participating on various Standing Committees. The committees include Publications, Philanthropy, Spring Conference, Fall Inservice, and Membership. MATCEI supports student chapters at Michigan colleges and universities. In addition, the Association maintains a liaison with: SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee). The Board of Directors meets once each month from September through June, with the May meeting being held at the Annual Conference. Meetings are open and members are encouraged to attend and participate.